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Helios or not

18 June 2008 | Coding, Philosophy | No Comments

Brett and I met on Thursday to talk about the project. The notable issue that came up is the degree to which LISinfo could borrow from a similar project I’m working on, Helios, a discovery layer we’re using at Drexel to make it easier to browse the DVDs in our catalog. It has also been […]

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Why you’re going to hate LISinfo, at least at first.

19 February 2008 | Philosophy | 1 Comment

Library catalogs are generally inventories of media types: “Hello, patron, this is our book catalog.” Of course, these days what we actually say is something more along the lines of, “This is our book catalog, into which we’ve shoehorned some audio or video recordings… and, oh yes, you can find information on serials, as long […]

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