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Helios or not

18 June 2008 | Coding, Philosophy | No Comments

Brett and I met on Thursday to talk about the project. The notable issue that came up is the degree to which LISinfo could borrow from a similar project I’m working on, Helios, a discovery layer we’re using at Drexel to make it easier to browse the DVDs in our catalog. It has also been […]

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A record store

25 January 2008 | Coding | 4 Comments

I’ve been working on the flat file record store. The idea is we’ll have a bunch of JSON records that will be indexed with Solr. Those files sit in groups of up to a thousand in up to a thousand directories, two levels deep. In more graphical terms: records/000/000/000 <– record with id# 000000000 /000/000/001 […]

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Showing Our Stack

31 October 2007 | Coding | No Comments

The most interesting thing about the LISInfo project, for us as its creators and, we hope, for its users, is that it’s big. Really, really big. Our goal for the LISInfo project is to organize a catalog that includes access points for anything a reasonable person might want to know about library and information science. […]

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3 October 2007 | Coding | No Comments

Welcome to the LISInfo Log, which should serve as a record of sorts for the thinking going on behind our development of LISInfo. I’ll be posting more soon on my staggering steps into an approach I believe will be a hybrid of database and search engine, tables and flat files. For now all I’ll say […]

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